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The iPhone 6S on release date will look exactly like the iPhone 6 as the first supposed images of the iOS 9-powered 2015 Apple flagship phone suggest that no or little changes in the exterior of the device can be expected. It looked like that two iPhone models share the same template, a new report said.

Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac shared this week a collection of pictures that he claimed is “a proven source familiar with Apple’s supply chain.” The gallery showcased the internals and externals of what appeared as the iPhone 6 casing though Gurman assured that the phone housing is that of the iPhone 6S.

Gurman has been known to provide mostly accurate news of key Apple products – from the iPhone and iPad plus the operating system that powers them, the iOS.

In his latest scoop, some of the speculations about the next iPhone were confirmed while others were debunked. Looking at the images, it’s to notice that the purported 6S casing is an iPhone 6 doppelganger with the design and ports and control key configuration largely mirroring what were seen in the 2014 iPhone.

The speaker grills and connecting port, both for the audio and charging/data terminals, were not altered as shown in one photo that revealed the bottom portion of the phone casing. In another picture, the back plate of the next iPhone indicates that Apple opted to carry over the build and design that was presented last year.

The move meant two things, Gurman said. First, the dual-lens camera that has been the subject of rumours regarding the killer camera upgrades for the next iPhone will look like unable to make the final cut. The camera cut outs seen in the photos are quite similar with that of the iPhone 6.

However, Gurman noted that the protruding rear camera lens in the iPhone 6 could be pushed a little inside in the iPhone 6S blueprint. But he added that the antenna lines right below the camera sensor will still be around contrary to an earlier report that the lines will be blurred by a new finishing technique that will be used on the 6S body.

Overall, the photos revealed that the iPhone 6 will practically have a twin once the iPhone 6S is out, having the same thickness and width as that of the former, but Gurman noted of “major internal changes such as the placement of the 6S logic board that indicates of inner component adjustments. One of which could be the inclusion of bigger battery for the next iPhone.

For the other inner enhancements, Gurman said that more will be known in the days and weeks ahead as he promised that “we’ll be publishing in-depth looks at new internal components and chips coming in the next iPhone.”

The Apple insider hinted that despite the little change that the iPhone 6S outer make will bring, fresh features and functionalities will certainly be unboxed with the device on its release date, which likely will happen between late September and early October 2015.

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