A man walks past an advertisement promoting Samsung Electronics' devices at its headquarters in Seoul, South Korea, January 5, 2017. Picture taken on January 5, 2017. Reuters/Kim Hong-Ji

It is still unknown what Samsung will call its next flagship phone, widely known as Galaxy S8. Fans have previously seen Samsung release the Galaxy Note 5 in the year 2015 and straightaway Galaxy Note 7 in 2016.

Most top brands have resorted to number jumping. Microsoft released the Windows 10 after Windows 8. Whatever the Galaxy S8 may be called, Twitter user DforDesign has shared fascias of two smartphones that he claims to be of Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Edge.

Similar to earlier leaked renders, the photo shared by the Twitter user also show minimal bezels at the top and bottom. It is believed that reducing the bezels will allow Samsung to come up with larger screens and more attractive displays. According to Forbes, the fascias are reportedly of Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge and it is by far the biggest clear change to the range. Moreover, both the handsets have been shown to have curved “Edge” displays.

If this turns out to be true, then the “Edge” branding will become somewhat redundant for the larger model. Year 2017 is turning out to be explosive for Samsung as the Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge release date inches closer. A Galaxy Note 8 is also expected to be released this year. Apple may also borrow this “all curved display” for its next-gen iPhone. Samsung has unintentionally confirmed the existence of its upcoming phone as it has applied to the US Patent and Trademark Office for registering the new device.

Samsung Display, the tech giant’s display-making arm, may have also accidentally revealed the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 handset. It uploaded a series of videos on its official YouTube channel primarily focusing on the AMOLED Display. However, while explaining the benefits of such a display, it showed a mysterious phone that fans believe is the highly-anticipated Galaxy S8. The phone has slender bezels but does not have a physical Home button.

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