The Last Of Us 2
"The Last Of Us 2" was announced earlier this month via a reveal trailer during PlayStation Experience. YouTube/PlayStation

Earlier this month, “The Last Of Us 2” was announced via a reveal trailer at PlayStation Experience. But while the video was chilling, haunting and nostalgic, it gave very little away about the actual storyline and situation of the game -- which has allowed fans to create their own theories.

Watch the reveal trailer of “The Last Of Us 2”

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The most popular theory seems to be that Joel is actually dead and that Ellie is seeking revenge for his murder. And while Joel does make an appearance in “The Last Of Us Part II” trailer, the theory goes on to reason that he is merely a figment of Ellie’s imagination, which came out to help her deal with the loss. There are several reasons as to why this theory is one of the strongest that are currently making waves, most of which are from the trailer itself. However, a real world event just took place that supports this theory as well.

Ashley Johnson, who was is the actress that portrays Ellie, tweeted that she was back in the studio in the early days of this month. She was covered in motion sensors, undoubtedly to help animators with the movements of her character.

Then on Monday, she posted a video of herself wielding a motion capture knife in the same studio.

“The Last Of Us” creative director Neil Druckmann also posted his own photo of Johnson in the studio.

Troy Baker, who is the actor behind Joel, was nowhere to be seen in the studio. MIC has taken this to mean that Baker -- and therefore Joel -- will play a lesser role in “The Last Of Us 2.” It is possible that Baker is elsewhere off camera, but the publication goes on to say that there is reason to believe he might not be as significant in the upcoming title.

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Game developer Naughty Dog has not confirmed the official release date of “The Last Of Us 2.” The date is expected to be announced sometime in 2017, as well as trailers that highlight the game play of the game.