"The Last Of Us" was originally released in 2013. YouTube/PlayStation

“The Last Of Us” is arguably one of the pioneer games that relied heavily on storytelling, as opposed to just great graphics and plenty of action. And while the exact plot of “The Last Of Us 2” is still unknown, creative director Neil Druckmann has provided several hints as to how the entire picture will look.

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Druckman had an interview with Southern California Public Radio in July, where he spoke about a story that he was then working on. Because the interview was months after the release of “Uncharted 4” and some weeks before “The Last Of Us 2” was officially announced, it is estimated that he was talking about the latter game.

“I think about this story I’m working on now and it’s definitely there. I think a lot of times because I think about myself or other human beings and what are the events that have shaped us, what are the choices that have defined who we are and have lead us to this place?” he said. “When horrible things happen [to] our family or to friends, you would hear this statement -- ‘Everything happens for a reason.’ Just wrestling with that concept. Is that true? Or is it just totally random?"

If it turns out that Druckmann was talking about “The Last Of Us 2,” it is likely that the story of the title will be more serious than the original. The 2013 title discussed good versus evil and how a deep and loving relationship can come from the most unlikely places. Most importantly however, it played around morality. From Druckmann’s statements, it is likely this theme will be further developed.

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GamesRadar reported that Druckmann’s interview only means that players will see Ellie struggle with a traumatic event that happened between the five years of the original game and “The Last Of Us 2.” The title is estimated to arrive to the market sometime in the last few months of 2017.

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