Acclaimed mobile game “Lara Craft Go” has received a new update, and it won’t be an easy one to play through. Called “The Shard of Life,” this free expansion of the mobile game adds 26 new puzzles for players to solve, which are reportedly much harder than the ones in previous levels, so it should be a fun day for those in need of a challenge.

Game Informer has confirmed that the expansion will take place in a new level called the Cave of Fire. This new level not only has 26 new puzzles to baffle the player, but a number of new treasures and artifacts to collect for the gaming icon, which is keeping in tune with her “Tomb Raider” character.

There are also two brand new costumes to unlock. Fans curious about what they are will have to pick up the game and earn them if they want to see what said costumes look like.

Coinciding with the release of the new expansion is a special sale price for the game. Touch Arcade reports that the mobile game is currently available on the iTunes App Store for US$2.99. The game is normally priced at US$4.99; so new fans can purchase the acclaimed mobile game on a 40% discount.

From the same team that brought “Hitman Go” to mobile gamers, “Lara Croft Go” has been praised by many a critic for continuing the turn-based puzzle gameplay of its predecessor while also adjusting to a new theme. In this game’s case it’s tomb raiding and it has been enjoyed by fans ever since it’s release earlier this year.

Speaking of Lara Croft, the character recently returned to the Xbox One with “Rise of the Tomb Raider” the sequel to the “Tomb Raider” reboot from developer Crystal Dymamics and publisher Square Enix.

Like its predecessor before it the game has come out to positive reviews and even has a special Xbox One bundle for those that haven’t picked up the console yet. The game is currently available on Xbox One only; with a PC release early next year and a PS4 version coming in the 2016 holiday season.

Lara Croft GO Launch Trailer (Credit: YouTube/TOMB RAIDER)

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