Lara Bingle, Sam Worthington
Sam Worthington and Lara Bingle pose at the premiere of "Sabotage" in Los Angeles, California March 19, 2014. Reuters/Mario Anzuoni

Lara Bingle has finally explained why she deleted all of boyfriend Sam Worthington’s photos on her Instagram account in September.

The 27-year-old Australian model sparked speculations that she has split with the “Avatar” star when she mysteriously deleted all of his images on her Instagram two months ago. The move came after rumours about her alleged pregnancy surfaced.

However, the two are still very much together, and there’s a good reason why Bingle did just that. Unlike his social media darling girlfriend, Worthington isn’t a fan of Instagram.

In an interview with Marie Claire about her new self-tanning line The Base, Bingle said she might get off social media completely, but that’s just a probability she doesn’t know the answer to yet. She mentioned Worthington, who’s “completely off it,” saying he is clueless about it.

“My boyfriend isn’t a fan of social media. When we first met, he had no idea what it was and he wanted to get on Instagram because I was on it so much,” she said. “He was like, ‘what do you do on this thing?’ But now he’s off it. Completely off it. He says to me, ‘I don’t understand, Lara, who are you talking to, who are these people?’ Maybe I’ll get off social media one day, but maybe I won’t. Who knows?”

Although she did not precisely say that that’s the reason why she deleted her photos, Worthington’s fans understand how truly private Worthington is. His girlfriend sharing their photos online might have been a problem for him.

As for the pregnancy rumours, Bingle did not talk about it, but, as the Daily Mail noted, she did little to quash the reports. She wore a tummy-covering white Josh Goot ensemble, and held her stomach as she bent over to pick up a bag.

Her Instagram also offers little clue to her condition. Her recent photos don’t include stomach-baring shots anymore. Although she was fond showcasing her lithe, nude body before, she now opts to post photos of her wearing clothes that disguise the flatness or the thickness of her stomach.

Bingle was rumoured to be pregnant in September when topless photos of her in Hawaii surfaced in September. Readers noted that she was sporting fuller breasts, which might have been caused by pregnancy. Her mum Sharon also reportedly told Who magazine that she’s “so excited and happy” that Bingle and Worthington are expecting their first child.

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