Emma Husar, Labor Party member for Lindsay, is accused of harassing staff and spending taxpayers' money on luxury items.
Emma Husar, Labor Party member for Lindsay, is accused of harassing staff and spending taxpayers' money on luxury items. Facebook/emmahusarmp

Labor MP Emma Husar allegedly exposed herself in front of a colleague “Basic Instinct”-style. Included among many other accusations made against the embattled Lindsay member is the allegation that she revealed herself in front of Labor frontbencher Jason Clare by uncrossing her legs while not wearing underwear.

The investigation commissioned by NSW Labor, which has been running since March and is being led by barrister John Joseph Whelan, has uncovered more allegations. These include workplace bullying and intimidation, verbal abuse, spreading false rumours, misuse of staff, misuse of funds and entitlements, sexual harassment, and sexualised behaviour.

Whelan, in a letter dated May 16 and which is seen by BuzzFeed News, asks Husar to appear in person to respon to an attached list of allegations against her. In one of the allegations, a staff member said Husar would often talk about sex and engage in inappropriate sexualised behaviour in the office. She apparently would discuss whom she found attractive and wanted to have sex with or had sex with.

A staff member claimed that she acted inappropriately in front of Clare and his son. On June 19, 2017, around 7:05 p.m., she and this staff member were in Clare’s office when she performed the famous leg-crossing move that was done in the film “Basic Instinct.”

“It is alleged that you and [redacted] attended Mr Jason Clare’s office at Parliament. Mr Clare was sitting on the floor playing with his son. [Redacted] alleged that he was sitting opposite you and that on three occasions you spread your legs, revealing that you were not wearing any underwear. [Redacted] felt that your conduct was deliberate, proactive and targeted towards Mr Clare,” Whelan’s letter reads.

Whelan was also told by a number of employees that Husar asked them to zip up her dress. She also allegedly purchased multiple topless firefighter calendars and placed them on employees’ desks. Husar was said to have had flirted with her physiotherapist to a Friday work drinks function in the office, making her staff uncomfortable.

Another former staffer said Husar “rubbed her body up against him.” She allegedly had her right breast against his left shoulder and arm for about 10 to 15 seconds. The staffer also said that she rested her right breast on his arm in another occasion.

Apart from skipping scheduled meetings with constituents to do personal stuff, Husar also allegedly misused funding and entitlements. A staffer said there was “money intended for other uses diverted into [Husar’s] personal bank account.” According to BuzzFeed News, that money was the several thousands of dollars that were fundraised by NSW Labor for her election campaign.

The Australian previously reported that Husar skipped the second day of National Disability Insurance Scheme parliament hearing in Queensland on March 14 to attend a Bruno Mars concert in Brisbane. She apparently spent $114 on “car costs” in Brisbane on the same day but it is unclear whether she claimed travel allowance.

On Wednesday, Husar refuted the report, claiming she did not use taxpayers’ money to attend the concert. She said the Bruno Mars concert ticket that she used was a gift from a friend.

The backbencher took personal leave last month following revelations that she has been under investigation by the NSW Labor branch over bullying claims.