Kristen Stewart ‘Desperate’ to Find a Job as ‘Twilight’ Comes to an End

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Kristen Stewart definitely has a lot to thank "Twilight." Ever since her starring role as Bella Swan, Kristen has garnered fame and success worldwide.  But now that the "Twilight Saga" comes to its end, what's next for her?

She made her mark in the Hollywood industry when she played the role of Bella Swan. But Bella Swan bids goodbye in the last and final movie, "Breaking Dawn: Part 2." While some of the casts are ready to move on and probably shift to another role, Kristen is said to be "desperate" to find a job.

Kristen Stewart is feeling the stress regarding her future in acting. The young actress revealed that she is "desperate" to work on a new project and land another role, something that is far away from Bella.

"I'm kinda desperate to get a job right now. I'm itching to get back to work," the 22-year-old admitted on E! News.

Apart from "Breaking Dawn," Kristen's most recent movie project is "On The Road" where she had a controversial nude scene. According to rumors, Kristen might be signing a contract for a comedy movie alongside Ben Affleck.

Kristen who admits that she is still absorbing the fact that they are on their last "Twilight" film said that she might reprise her role in "Snow White and the Huntsman 2" despite her scandal with Director Rupert Sanders.

Although Kristen is frantic to land a new role, Robert Pattinson has clearly made his step away from the shadows of Edward Cullen. The 23-year-old actor will be busy on a film set for the most part of 2013. Robert currently has five major movies in pre-production. He will star alongside Guy Pierce in the move "The Rover" and with Rachel Weisz in the film, "Map To The Stars."

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