ABC's 'Modern Family' Cast And Crew
The cast and crew of ABC's "Modern Family" pose on the red carpet of the 2014 EMMY Awards in Los Angeles, California August 25, 2014. Reuters/Mike Blake

In this week's episode of "Modern Family," Mitchell Pritchett and Cam Tucker have an unexpected house guest. Kristen Johnson of "Third Rock From The Sun" guest stars as Brenda, Mitchell's work colleague whom he accidentally invites home to overcome a rough time in her personal life.

Mitch and Cam have decided to get themselves an expensive and pristine white couch as a wedding gift. The couple decided that they deserve something nice in their home and they rewarded themselves after their wedding and after raising a lovely daughter. They now think that after years of sticky countertops and a child-proof house, Lily is now old enough to be responsible around the stark white couch. As soon as the couch arrived, Mitch and Cam realised that they will need to watch Lily very closely if they want to keep their couch clean.

Mitch then went to his law firm and was caught up late in the office. As he was leaving, one of his colleagues walked in and started talking to him. Brenda, who is played by Johnson, started telling Mitch about her divorce and other personal issues. Mitch was cornered in the office and with no one else there, he was forced to listen to what Brenda had to say. As she was giving him her sad story, Mitch inadvertently told her that she should just ask if she needed anything. Seeing her opening, Brenda asked if she could stay over at Mitch and Cam's place. Mitch wasn't even close to Brenda so he gave Cam a call hoping that Cam would help him make up an excuse to say no. Unfortunately, Cam had other ideas and thought that it would be nice to help.

The pair eventually ended up inviting Brenda over but they immediately regretted it when she slumped down on their couch with a glass of red wine in her tipsy hand. They tried to get her to sleep in an old, smaller couch but she just didn't fit in it. They decided to give her their bed just so they could save the white couch. They ended up sleeping on the floor of their own living room.

Just when they thought everything was sorted, Brenda came over and slept in the couch because she said she felt lonely in the bedroom. She kept ranting about her ex husband whom she was married to for 20 years. As Mitch and Cam were having the moral dilemma of whether or not they should kick out the distressed woman on account of their couch, they heard Lily reading Brenda a bedtime story. She seemed to be soothed by Lily's presence and the couple decided that they do own one nice thing in their lives after all. They both agreed that people are more important than things but that didn't stop them from ringing when Brenda sneezed right on the couch. In the end, the two learned to embrace their opportunity to help a friend in need and just made fun out of their situation.