Television Personality Kourtney Kardashian
IN PHOTO: Television personality Kourtney Kardashian arrives at the E! 20th Birthday Celebrating Two Decades of Pop Culture, in West Hollywood, California, May 24, 2010. Reuters/Gus Ruelas

Kourtney Kardashian has taken her new age health practices to a new level by admitting that she is eating the placenta after she gave birth to her third child, Reign Aston Disick. The mother of three took to Instagram to show off her placenta pills and gushed about them and the benefits of consuming them.

Kourtney gave birth on Dec. 14, 2014 to her third child, with long time love Scott Disick. Their eldest son, Mason, was born on the same day five years ago and the couple also have 2-year-old daughter Penelope. Nearly a month after the birth of her third child, Kourtney shared a photo on Instagram that features two dark capsules -- that are her placenta pills.

"Yummy...PLACENTA pills! No joke...I will be sad when my placenta pills run out. They are life changing!#benefits #lookitup." Kourtney said in the photo's caption. According to E Online, placenta pills are made of the dehydrated placenta that comes out along with the baby during child birth. A placenta is a temporary organ that provides the fetus with oxygen and nutrients while inside the mother's womb. It is delivered along with the baby during the birth and other mammals like dogs and cats eat their placenta while cleaning their newborn babies. The practice of doing the same for humans started several decades ago but is not an approved practice by the United States Food and Drug Administration. The benefits of consuming placenta are said to be added energy, improved lactation and easing of post-partum depression.

Back when Kourtney's sister Kim Kardashian West was pregnant with her baby North, she brought up the topic of consuming the placenta and discussed the benefits with her family members. As nobody warmed up to the idea of Kim eating placenta, she decided to pull a prank by ordering some meat and pretending that it was human placenta. She had a chef prepare the meat and fed it to her family before telling them that she had ordered the placenta online. Everyone was disgusted and appalled by that and she later owned up to the prank.

This time around, it appears that Kourtney has done what Kim had planned but with pills, instead of eating the actual organ in a prepared dish. Other celebrities who have sworn by the benefits of consuming their placenta include Alicia Silverstone and Gaby Hoffman of "Girls."

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