Kingdom Hearts III
"Kingdom Hearts 3" was first announced in 2013, during that year's Electronic Entertainment Expo. Kingdom Hearts III/Facebook

Hardcore gamers are eager to see if the "Final Fantasy 7" remake and "Kingdom Hearts 3" would be any good. There is no official word on the release dates yet, although the state of each title could indicate which will come first.

While Square Enix has not yet released an official statement, it would be best to see how both titles are coming along. Development for "Final Fantasy 7" underwent changes, including opening up the developers' own internal development team for the remake of the popular action role-playing-game.

According to Nova Crystallis, Naoki Hamaguchi mentioned during a Mobius Final Fantasy stream about keeping the remake development internally for better quality control. The move makes sense, considering that closer collaboration could work in assuring that the remake does not disappoint gamers.

With partner companies such as CyberConnect2 out of the picture, Square Enix is in obvious restructuring mode to fill up key positions in the development team. Job openings have been posted, although there is no official word out on whether they have been filled up.

Looking at it both ways, this could mean that the "Final Fantasy 7" remake may be running on limited manpower. Among the positions they are looking to fill include a battle planner, level planner and designers. If ever there are new hires, there is the orientation and transition phase that Hamaguchi will have to deal with, something that could pose problems, thus a delay.

On the other hand, "Kingdom Hearts 3" has hardly rendered any problems. Square Enix, though, has been picky regarding the information tied up on the score of the third main entry title.

So far, the only credible update to KH3 is that there will be new worlds for gamers once it is ready for deployment. Other features of the game have been kept at a minimum, although progress may be moving at a snail’s pace.

Both the "Final Fantasy 7" remake and "Kingdom Hearts 3" are not expected for release within the next three years. The long wait may make or break the efforts of Square Enix, further adding pressure to the development team. The last major game that came out was "Final Fantasy 15," something that did not exactly hit off well with the gaming community.