As if reality star Kim Kardashian West wasn’t active enough on her personal social media sites and her own website, she expanded her online presence even more by invading another Instagram account. On Thursday, Nov. 12, Kim took over the Kardashian Beauty Hair Instagram account and shared a series of throwback photos of her favorite hairstyles.

“Hi everyone!!! It's Kim. I'll be here for the next hour sharing some of my fav hair styles from the past!,” said Kim, as she took over the handle @kbeautyhair on the popular photo sharing platform. The greeting was accompanied by a photo of the brunette beauty puckering up for a big kiss.

She started her takeover by sharing a look from way back in 2009, where she revealed she was wearing a wig. She said that the lighter shade of the wig inspired her to go platinum blonde in the months to come.

Afterwards, she shared a photo of a faux short hairstyle, which was achieved using only pins and hairspray.

Kim went on to share some of her more drastic looks, including her platinum blonde locks for an ELLE Magazine photo shoot. She also sported some bangs several years ago and showed them off with a photo of herself and her sister, Kourtney Kardashian.

Naturally, because it was a takeover for Kardashian Beauty Hair products, Kim had to put in a shameless plug in one of the shots. “Just a little bit messy! This is a fun look if I don't want to wash my hair again the day after I washed it, I'll throw in some of our dry shampoo!!” she said.

The Kardashian sisters launched a full range of hair styling tools and products earlier this year. Kardashian Beauty Hair is just one of the numerous business ventures that are part of the Kardashian-Jenner business empire.

See more of Kim's favourite hairstyles on the Kardashian Beauty Instagram account.

Pictures credit: Instagram/Kardashian Beauty

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