Kim Kardashian At The 2014 MTV Music Video Awards in Inglewood
Kim Kardashian arrives at the 2014 MTV Music Video Awards in Inglewood, California August 24, 2014. Reuters/Kevork Djansezian

Kim Kardashian recently shared a selfie and is once again accused of photoshopping the size of her body, especially when she stepped out looking different than in her photo. Viewers were quick to draw a comparison from her own photo with that of the paparazi's and the reveal gives a contrasting look.

The reality star has reportedly once again digitally altered her body image, as seen on the selfie she shared on her Instagram. From the photo Mirror UK shared, Kim is seen in her dressing room looking slimmer and even exposed a bit of toned abs. However, she allegedly looked nothing like her selfie when she stepped out in public.

According to UK's Daily Star, the 34-year old's abs looks less defined. Mirror UK even thought they are completely unnoticeable in reality. Likewise, she appears more voluptuous than in her skinny selfie.

Kim Kardashian has yet to address the photoshop speculations. However, according to The Stir it could just have been a trick of lighting that gave her a slimmer look in her own photo. The dark light inside her dressing room allegedly gave it that effect. While in reality, the paparazzi could have just captured a photo of her in a less flattering angle. But given the difference of how her body looked, it's still supposedly not hard to believe that she has indeed photoshopped her selfie.

This wouldn't be the first time Kim Kardashian was accused of photoshopping her images to make her look slimmer or less curvaceous. According to a previous report from the International Business Times, her photos for Paper magazine even raised eyebrows. Her waist reportedly looked like it was digitally altered to make it look smaller. Some viewers even thought the size was unrealistic since it was supposedly not proportioned to her whole body.

Paper mag's editor Mickey Boardman has since addressed the photoshop speculations. He admitted "there was retouching" done on Kim's photos "to clean things up and make things look amazing." However, he denied that the reality star's waist and her famous bottom were digitally altered during the retouch. What viewers saw as Kim Kardashian's butt was really hers. Boardman claimed it was not augmented nor was it padded. "It's not building an ass that isn't there or taking 50 pounds off the waist," he said.

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