Kim Jong-un
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un inspects the KPA Air and Anti-Air Force Unit 991 in this undated photo released by North Korea's Korean Central News Agency in Pyongyang on Nov. 21, 2014. Reuters/KCNA

Supreme leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) Kim Jong-un allegedly warned to unleash a “merciless” attack on America if they breached on DPRK’s sovereignty and dignity amid US-South Korean drills. The warning was issued as aircraft carrier strike group led by the USS Carl Vinson plowed through seas off South Korea.

A statement attributed to Kim states that his army will launch strikes."If they infringe on the DPRK's sovereignty and dignity even a bit, its army will launch merciless ultra-precision strikes from ground, air, sea and underwater," the North's state news agency, KCNA, said.

On Saturday, a number of enemy carrier-based aircraft flew along the waters of the DPRK and a course near territorial air for drills of dropping bombs. Carl Vinson, a United States Navy Nimitz-class supercarrier, led the aircraft carrier strike group, in which it joined South Korean military forces for exercises.

North Korea said the entrance of US strike group was part of a "reckless scheme" to attack it. Last week, it fired four ballistic missiles into the sea off Japan to respond to the US-South Korea military drills, which the North perceives as grounding for war.

Rear Admiral James W. Kilby, commander of the Carrier Strike Group 1, told reporters that the centrepiece for them is the exercise they are doing with the ROK navy called Foal Eagle. The US is participating in military drills with South Korea that include special forces, such as SEAL Team 6 and the Army’s Rangers, Delta Force, and Green Berets.

The US and South Korea said the Terminal High Altitude Area Defence antimissile system is for defence against North Korea. The system was deployed earlier this month after North Korea launched its latest four missile tests.

Reuters noted that troops from South Korea and the US started large-scale joint drills this month. Last year, at least 17,000 American troops and more than 300,000 South Koreans participated in the exercise.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will set foot on South Korean soil on Friday. The US ambassador to the United Nations earlier assured that all options are being considered, adding that the administration of US President Donald Trump was re-evaluating its North Korea strategy.

Meanwhile, China believes more can be done to ease tension. "We hope the relevant side can respect the security concerns of countries in the region, can take a responsible attitude and do more to benefit the easing of tension, rather than irritating each other," Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying told a daily news briefing, referring to the United States.