Killer clown mask
A Boca Juniors' fan wears a mask as he cheers for his team during their Argentine First Division soccer match against Olimpo at La Bombonera stadium in Buenos Aires. Reuters/Marcos Brindicci

It’s no surprise that the killer clown purge was a hot topic during Halloween weekend. People in general were concerned of what the clowns were brewing for the purge. The police also weighed in on the matter and told locals to be vigilant and look out for any killer clowns on the loose. Now that Halloween is over, people are wondering if something did happen on the so-called “purge night.”

The killer clown purge rumours started about two weeks ago when news made rounds online that certain individuals dressed in killer clown costumes have something planned for Hallows’ Eve. While some dismissed the rumours as bogus, others genuinely considered them as threats.

The killer clown purge was supposed to start at midnight before Halloween. A number of states in the US even prohibited the use of clown costumes to prevent pranksters from devising any kind of scheme to scare people off. The killer clown trend may have started in the US, but it has already spread across Europe, Asia and Australia.

In the UK, authorities sent out a warning to the clowns and said that they would be fined or subjected to prosecution if they cause any sort of public disturbance. Still, a couple of young girls there were reportedly approached by a vehicle full of passengers in killer clown outfits. There was also a report about a 13-year-old boy donning a clown mask allegedly assaulting another teenager. In another report, an unsuspecting man was mugged by a clown-costumed aggressor while he was walking towards home. In the US, a couple of youngsters were heading towards school when they got chased by a killer clown with a knife.

According to The Sun, one of the earliest reported cases in the UK was by a woman claiming that her son saw clowns murmuring and making weird sounds outside of their house at about 8:30 in the evening back in August. A number of people have already been taken into custody across the country. On Oct. 11, the first person in the UK was indicted for terrorising children and was fined £90 (AU$145). Offenders get to have a permanent criminal record. Authorities in the UK have denounced the clown instigators who terrorise locals and waste police resources.

There is no verified number of victims that got attacked during the killer clown purge night. And while the clown purge may have proved to cause a much lesser amount of trouble than expected, it certainly doesn’t mean that the killer clown fad will soon fade.