Man in Honduras wearing clown mask
A supporter of Honduras' ousted President Manuel Zelaya wears a mask during a meeting in Tegucigalpa City. Reuters/Oswlado Rivas

A killer clown is now getting what he deserves for his terrorising antics. A UK man has been sentenced to 20 months in prison after he attacked an employee at a supermarket he broke into a couple of months ago while donning a killer clown mask and a floral dress.

Thomas Prodger broke into a Co-op store two months ago wearing a scary-looking clown mask and a bloomy dress. Not only did he commit robbery, he also assaulted a staff at the County Durham supermarket on his way out. Prodger left the store carrying nine boxes of cigarettes.

The supermarket’s CCTV footage provided enough evidence of the cross-dressing clown’s offences. It also showed him wearing protective gloves while he was doing his act, according to The Sun.

Prodger, who hails from Jubilee Terrace, Middleton-in-Teesdale, pleaded guilty to the robbery at Durham Crown Court on Friday. The robbery took place back in Sept. 21. A restraining order was also granted against him and he is not allowed to enter the premises of the Co-op store he broke into.

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Prodger’s killer clown shtick is just one of the many clown sightings that have spread across the UK and other parts of the world. The killer clown phenomenon began in the US following the launch of the remake of the Stephen King film “It,” which includes the murdering evil clown called Pennywise who dwells sewers. The initial sightings were formerly dismissed by most people as poor publicity stunts, but the clown incidents just further increased and eventually swept other countries as well.

People in killer clown costumes began popping in all sorts of places including schools, restaurants and even homes. Some victims were chased and mugged in the middle of the night by weapon-wielding clowns. The killer clown phenomenon got so big that national and local authorities in clown-infested regions had to step in and acknowledge the reality of its terror.