Kellyanne Conway backs up Melania Trump's decision not to move to White House

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Kellyanne Conway
Donald Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway speaks to the media after Melania Trump. Reuters/Mark Makela

Kellyanne Conway has defended Melania Trump against a tabloid that investigated the “mysterious” life of the first lady of the United States and “why she may never move into the White House.” The White House counsellor said it is none of the tabloid’s business.

“That’s none of their business — it’s nonsense,” Conway said of US Weekly’s story. She instead stressed that Trump is a beautiful woman inside and out and insisted that the first lady has numerous public roles.

“She’s brilliant; she speaks five languages,” Conway said. The counsellor has also described Trump as a loving and supportive wife and mother, a great friend and a great role model.

Conway believes that the media cannot handle Trump’s preference to not be a super public figure. The FLOTUS would instead keep some details of her personal life private. “I so admire the fact that Melania Trump, our first lady, is so comfortable in her own skin that she doesn’t have to disprove anybody’s negative stories or even positive stories,” Conway said in an interview with “MediaBuzz” on Fox News.

Trump, Conway said, has nothing to prove to anybody. Instead, she would rather concentrate on representing the nation with dignity and class and elegance and eloquence.

Conway has expressed her thoughts in response to last week’s cover of Us Weekly that featured a photo of the first lady with a headline, "Separate Lives.” The former has explained that the reason why Trump has opted to not move to the White House and remain in New York City is so she can look after her son with US President Donald Trump, Barron, while he finishes up the school year.

The president earlier announced after his election win last November that his wife will stay in Manhattan so their 10-year-old son can stay in the same school through remainder of the school year. When the summer comes, the first lady and Barron will move to the White House.

Meanwhile, Conway has also praised Trump’s road to US citizenship during the same interview. She has explained that the FLOTUS has gone through the “proper channels” to obtain her residency and citizenship in the US for 10 years.

Conway said it feels gratifying for her to see that the FLOTUS worked on her US citizenship and residency properly. Trump has been employed as a model since arriving in the US from her native country Slovenia more than two decades ago.