Katie Holmes is likely to get sole custody of 6-year-old daughter Suri Cruise, analysts say. The former Joey Potter seems to have elaborately planned her move. There are speculations that her hubby intends to enroll Suri to Sea Org, a Scientology learning programme comparable to a boot camp. This was, according to reports, "the last straw" for Holmes, pushing her to carry out what needs to be done.

Holmes was spotted Monday "looking serene" despite the paparazzi frenzy around her. She even looked defiant without her wedding ring on. It was just a couple of days after her petition was filed. Is this all a masquerade affair to her, or is she really just reflecting some self-discovered inner peace?

Judging from the quiet way she is handling the issues now, Holmes is expected to bounce back from this ordeal rather quickly. It seems the worst that could happen is that she gets partial -- not sole -- custody f her little fashionista.

Here are 5 things Katie Holmes can do after the divorce real-life drama is over:

5. Take a vacation with Suri. Take a breather, bond with daughter to help her adjust in the new family arrangements.

4. Study a line-up of projects. Katie Holmes is a fine actress who was going to get a good break until she got all smitten. Now she can take a look again at the opportunities waiting for her in Hollywood. Her last TV guesting on the CBS hit sitcom "How I Met Your Mother" showed her funky side. But there is so much talent within her that she can now unleash - again.

3. Skip TV interviews. Suri will watch all those when she grows up. Less talk, less mistakes. Let the lawyers get into the battle.

2. Write a book. There will obviously be more words in a book than in TV interviews. But there will also be a lot of time to think about what you will write, and how you will express your thoughts. Holmes' insights on marrying a Hollywood superstar, learning about Scientology, and being a mom to a paparazzi favorite will sell like hotcakes.

1. Fulfill a desire. Enjoy freedom. Katie Holmes should do something she has always wanted to do, but has not been able to, for any reason. It would do Katie Holmes a lot of good if she would enjoy her freedom post-marriage. She is a smart woman who knows her limits. She is a mother now, after all.

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