Kate Winslet
Cast member Kate Winslet poses for photographers at the closing night premiere of the film "Steve Jobs" at the BFI London Film Festival October 18, 2015. Reuters/Neil Hall

British actress Kate Winslet opted for a serious look on the cover of Gotham magazine, November issue. She also opened up about giving life to new characters, now that she’s 40.

In an interview with Gotham, Winslet said she’s looking forward to playing different set of roles that will represent her powerfulness as a woman. The actress pointed out that she has always played the roles of a helpless woman in her past movies and wants to break away from that stereotype.

“I am definitely moving away from a certain type of character: women who were trapped, women who were stuck, women who were looking for a way out,” she said.

Winslet, who has starred in several critically acclaimed films, admitted that she is a perfectionist -- personally and professionally. The actress pointed that “nothing is ever enough” for her.

The Oscar-winning actress turned 40 on Oct. 5. On her birthday, Winslet said she wanted to celebrate her accomplishments in life and explore herself more.

“I want to go rocketing towards 40. I really do. I want to celebrate who I am, what I’ve learned, how hard I’ve worked, and how much more I’ve still got in me,” she said.

Winslet has been in the movie industry for nearly 18 years and successfully built her name in the line of Hollywood’s greatest actresses. Her biggest acting gig was the 1997 film “Titanic” where she starred as Rose DeWitt Bukater, opposite Leonardo DiCaprio who played the role of Jack Dawson.

The actress’ latest project is the most critically acclaimed film “Steve Jobs,” where she plays the role of Joanna Hoffman, a member of the original Mac team and Jobs’ confidant in the film. Winslet also told the magazine how proud she is of the film and her co-actors.

“The hours and the hard work were punishing. But we were all very much in it together. We felt so united, like a theater troupe, really,” she said.

Winslet has already won an Academy Award, an Emmy Award and two Globe Awards. She previously starred in the films “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,” “All The King’s Men,” “Labor Day,” “Divergent” and “Insurgent. Her next upcoming films are “The Dressmaker” and “Triple 9.”

She is a mother to three kids -- Mia Honey Threapleton, 15, Joe Alfie Winslet Mendes, 11 and Bear Blaze Winslet. She is currently married to Ned Rocknroll.

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