Kate Upton Shows Golf Legend Arnold Palmer the Right Way to Putt [VIDEO]

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You might be wondering why would Kate Upton, who was just recently named 2013 Model of the Year, teach Arnold Palmer golf lessons.

Palmer, who won himself seven major golf championships, isn't essentially in need of golf lessons, is he? In 1974, he was inducted in the World Golf Hall of Fame. Also, in 1998, he won the most coveted PGA Tour Lifetime Achievement Award.  

Palmer and Upton are, apparently, promoting the Golf Digest's December issue. He was ranked the sixth greatest player of all time in 2000 by the same golf magazine.

They did several photo shoots prior to recording the video. Upton even posted a picture of her with Palmer on Twitter back in August. "Had an amazing golf lesson today," her caption reads. She also included "#arnoldpalmer" as a hashtag.

The duo even had dinner together back in March during his tournament.

In the said promotional video, Palmer misses putt after putt after putt. Then, Upton shows up, telling Palmer the oldest trick in the book. "Okay, you have to remember what I've been telling you, you can't break your wrists, don't break 'em," she said. "Now, try it," she continued.

Instantly, Palmer's golf ball hit the hole. Upton still has a lot to say. "See, that's so much better, just keep practicing," Upton said, and then left.

How these two ended up together? Lisa Benson, who acts as Upton's agent, is from Pennsylvania. She used to play at the Latrobe Country Club. Palmer was born in Latrobe and the Latrobe Country Club is also his home course. In addition, Upton's agency, IMG, has handled Palmer's business matters for years.

It is so delightful and charming to see this 21-year-old supermodel teaches the 84-year-old golf legend some lessons about the right way to putt.

Check out the video below. Video courtesy: YouTube/4u6manish