Charlotte Riley
Charlotte Riley in a selfie posted on April 6, 2016 Instagram/charliemonkey_

The numerous positive reviews and instant success of Netflix’s “The Crown” has proven once again that a lot of people just cannot get enough of the monarchs and their secret lives. For those who want more royalty than what the show has to offer, there are no worries as another look at England’s most powerful family will be witnessed by viewers very soon.

BBC reports that “Doctor Foster” writer Mike Bartlett has been commissioned to make an adaptation of his award-winning play, “King Charles III,” into a movie for TV. The plot will revolve around Charles’ ascension to the throne following the death of the Queen and all the turbulence that engulfs them after he refuses to sign a controversial bill.

While that would get fans raving in excitement for what it has to offer, a lot are already wondering who will be playing the bubbly Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton. Anticipating fans will be pleased to know that the role will be taken by “Peaky Blinders” actress Charlotte Riley who indeed, is perfect for the role. The actress has been seen before in the mini-series “Close to the Enemy” and in the film “London Has Fallen.”

When asked how she feels about getting cast for the role, she reveals that she was really excited for this challenge. She adds that “It’s a unique project. To be both modern and rich in verse and to play someone who is real but yet totally re-imagined for this story is an exciting prospect for an actor.” She also reveals that she finds Kate Middleton to be a really interesting woman within the context of the play and she really looks forward to the challenge.

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Kate Middleton’s widely adored status and style among fellow Brits might be a bit of a challenge for her but it looks like Riley is cut off for the work. Tom Hardy’s 34-year-old girlfriend’s uncanny resemblance to the Duchess of Cambridge and her prior TV and film experience will definitely give justice to how fans would like to see a TV version of Kate Middleton. No official release date has been set yet but production is set to film anytime now that all the roles have been cast.