Justin Bieber Mug Shot
Canadian teen pop singer Justin Bieber is shown in this combo of booking photos provided by the Miami-Dade Corrections and Rehabilitation Department in Miami, Florida January 23, 2014. Bieber was arrested in south Florida early Thursday on a drunk driving charge after he was caught drag racing on a main thoroughfare in a rented yellow Lamborghini sports car, according to police. Reuters/Miami-Dade Corrections and Rehabilitation Department/Handout via Reuters

Justin Bieber wants the hit-and-run lawsuit against him dropped. The singer reasoned that the paparazzo suing him is the one really at fault for the incident.

TMZ reports that Justin Bieber is pushing a Los Angeles judge to dismiss the case against him filed by a paparazzi member last year. The “Beauty and the Beat” singer says that the complainant was hit by him because he directly stood in front of his car. Justin also reasoned that the paparazzo member exaggerated the extent of his injuries. That said, Justin believes there is no more reason for the case to be pursued against him.

Last year, Walter Lee sued “Boyfriend” hitmaker because he sustained serious injuries after the singer’s Ferrari hit him on the Sunset Strop on June 17, 2013. According to the paparazzi member, Justin did not see him when he left the Laugh Factory comedy club with his friend Lil Twist. Lee said Justin sideswiped him and pinned him against another car, seriously injuring him as a result.

According to authorities in charge of the incident, the young Canadian singer did not do anything wrong. Rather, it is Lee’s fault for being in the roadway. Justin’s lawyers are using these police findings to support their bid to have the case dropped.

The Toronto Sun reports that the singer's lawyers have already filed new papers to have the case dismissed by the court. The new papers included statements that Lee deliberately stood in front of Bieber’s car, getting hit in the process. The papers also expressed doubt over Lee’s allegations that he sustained serious injuries after getting sideswiped by Justin’s Ferrari, because Lee was observed back on his feet and stalking Justin to get paparazzi photos a few days after the accident. Lee claimed he got several lacerations, hematomas and deep abrasions on his left leg.

Aside from wanting the case dropped, Justin also wants the plaintiff Lee to be responsible for the legal costs that the case brought about, once the judge rules in his favor. Lee on his lawsuit wanted Justin to pay him for damages to cover his hospital costs and medical bills.

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