Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin's Met Gala Moment Ruined By Jelena Fans [VIDEO]

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Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin
NEW YORK, NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 13: Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber attend The 2021 Met Gala Celebrating In America: A Lexicon Of Fashion at Metropolitan Museum of Art on September 13, 2021 in New York City.

Jelena fans attempted to ruin Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin's red carpet appearance at the 2021 Met Gala.

Bieber and Baldwin made their Met Gala debut Monday. However, Selena Gomez and Bieber's fans who are still rooting for them even if he is already married to Baldwin tried to ruin the couple's night. 

A TikTok video shared by biebervelli showed how the people were chanting "Selena" while Bieber and his wife were on the red carpet. In the clip, it seemed that Bieber was trying to comfort his wife. Several netizens did not approve of the way Jelena fans behaved.

"These are the types of fans that make celebs miserable," one commented.

"This is too much THEY DATED DINOSAUR AGES AGO THEY MOVED ON I would be so annoyed probably stick the middle finger at people," another wrote.

"This is why he looked so anxious and miserable in all the pics and videos," a third TikTok user wrote.

"Why can't people get over them, like I like them too as a couple, but they're over," a former Jelena fan wrote.

Some Twitter users shared the same sentiment. For them, it was not proper to behave like that in front of Bieber and his wife, especially since both Bieber and Gomez have already moved on.

"Selena is happy, Justin is happy and yet these Jelena fans won’t stop? [I]t’s 2021. Leave them alone already. [W]hat happened at the [M]et [G]ala and Jelena fans chanting Selena’s name just to make Hailey and Justin uncomfortable is beyond me. Justin is married! He moved on," one tweeted.

"I’m sorry but the way Selena fans treat Hailey and Justin is actually appalling. In reality, Selena and Justin were not healthy for each other. They’re not soulmates. Tbh it seems like Selena had a lot of healing to do and probably doesn’t think they were either," a second netizen added.

In a previous interview, Bieber addressed the netizens who bullied his wife to enforce that his relationship with Gomez was better. According to the "Sorry" crooner, what they were doing was not right.

"This sad excuse of a human just encouraged people on video to literally go after my wife telling people to say that my previous relationship was better [and] so on and so forth," he was quoted by Page Six as saying. "It is extremely hard to choose the high road when I see people like this try and rally to gather people to bully the person I love the most in this world. It is not right."

Meanwhile, Gomez also made it clear in another interview that she needed to heal from Bieber. She described her previous relationships as something that has been "cursed." 

"I’ve been way too young to be exposed to certain things when I was in relationships. I felt so less-than in past relationships, and never really felt equal," she told Vogue Australia.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin

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