A new “Just Cause 3” patch will be released this week, eliminating the issues spotted in the gameplay. This marks the first major post-launch update for “Just Cause 3,” dubbed the v1.02 update.

According to the patch notes published on the official blog of Avalanche Studios, the new update indicates the game will now run much better than the previous version of “Just Cause 3,” which debuted earlier this month. The developer appears to have made significant improvements in frame rates which will lead to faster loading time. Players are now expected to spend less time looking at tips and screenshots.

Avalanche Studios has not yet announced which platform will get the update first. However, Xbox One, PS4 and PC players can expect the update. Thankfully, Avalanche Studios will reportedly bring the “Just Cause 3” update sometime this week. Specific details for the timeline of the update rollout may come sometime this week.

According to the patch notes released by the developer, “Just Cause 3” fans can expect major performance optimizations in the coming update. The update also aims to improve star-tracking for online leaderboards, reduce load time and several other fixes to power up stability. The new “Just Cause 3” update will also address several bugs related to screen size, vehicles, challenges that have been annoying the players.

PC Gamer noted that several bugs were reported by gamers just after the release of “Just Cause 3.” People reported graphics related problems saying the cars disappear whenever a new challenge starts, some people said that the game crashes with weird screen placement issues even before the game fully starts.

Unfortunately, those who have been waiting for new features like sprint button, mini-map and option for crouching will have to wait. Avalanche Studios explained that it wants to encourage players to engage with Rico’s unique moves that is why it is not introducing these features.

Official E3 Playthrough (Credit: YouTube/Just Cause)

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