Marussia Formula One driver Jules Bianchi
Marussia Formula One driver Jules Bianchi of France speaks to the media after a news conference at the Suzuka circuit October 2, 2014. French driver Bianchi was taken to hospital after being seriously injured in a crash that brought a halt to a wet Japanese Formula One Grand Prix on Sunday. Picture taken October 2, 2014. Reuters

The 2014 Formula One Racing season has come to an end this weekend at the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi. While the Championship titles are in the hands of Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes, the Marussia Formula One team is languishing in financial struggles. Despite missing the last three races of the season, the team was able to keep their promise to fight hard to maintain the position given to them by injured driver Jules Bianchi.

The Marussia Formula One Racing Team ended the season on a low with their efforts to rescue the team and bring it back to life failing at the last minute. Various efforts were made to secure new investors to bail the team out after its Russian backers pulled out mid-season. All discussions fell through, however, and the team was not able to compete in the last three races of the season, which were held in the United States, Brazil and finally in Abu Dhabi.

Prior to pulling out of the last three races, the team sent out one car to race in the inaugural race in Sochi, Russia as a show of strength and support to their injured driver Jules Bianchi who figured in a massive accident in Suzuka on Oct. 5 during the Japanese Grand Prix. The team has since maintained that they vow to keep their position in the championship race to honour Bianchi's hard work.

The team gained two championship points and landed in the ninth position in the Constructor's Championship when Bianchi drove a brilliant race and finished 9th in the Monaco Grand Prix earlier in the season. The points also took him up to 17th in the Driver's Championship race. Since Bianchi was injured, he was unable to win any more points for the team. Despite their best intentions, Marussia was also unable to put up a fight due to their financial issues.

The two teams that lay below Marussia on the Constructor's championship table were Sauber and Caterham. Sauber fielded cars in the last four races of the season but were unable to finish in the points. Caterham missed out on Austin and Brazil as well but after finding enough funding to return for Abu Dhabi, they also failed to score any points in the last race. The other two teams' misfortunes were able to ensure that the Marussia Formula One team kept their vow to honour Bianchi's hard work and maintain their position in both World Championships. Bianchi has now been reportedly moved back to France but remains in unconscious and in critical condition after he was taken out of his medically induced coma.