Marussia Formula One driver Jules Bianchi
Marussia Formula One driver Jules Bianchi of France speaks to the media after a news conference at the Suzuka circuit October 2, 2014. French driver Bianchi was taken to hospital after being seriously injured in a crash that brought a halt to a wet Japanese Formula One Grand Prix on Sunday. Picture taken October 2, 2014. Reuters

The 2014 Formula One World Championship racing season has officially ended in Abu Dhabi this weekend with Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes GP taking the championship titles. However, One driver is still fighting and it's not for a world championship but for his life. Marussia F1 driver Jules Bianch is still unconscious after a horrific crash during the Japanese Grand Prix in Suzuka on Oct. 5. A former Formula One doctor weighed in on the situation.

About seven weeks since the accident, Bianchi has finally become stable enough to be moved back to France to be closer to his family and his home. A statement was issued by his family last week saying that Bianchi has been taken off the respirator and is breathing on his own. Former Formula One doctor Gary Hartstein says in his blog "A Former F1 Doctor Writes" that taking Bianchi out of the respirator helps close one door that could potentially lead to a life-threatening infection, which affects coma patients.

Hartstein further explained just what a medically induced coma is and why Bianchi has reportedly been taken out of it but is still unconscious. The doctor stated that the patient was anesthetised in order for the doctors to control his breathing with a ventilator as well as to control many other parameters and bodily functions.

He explained that the patient is slowly weaned from the anesthesia and sedatives once the patient's condition improves. Saying that Bianchi has been taken out of his medically induced coma means that he has been weaned out of his sedatives but still remains unconscious.

Hartstein says that Bianchi still being unconscious even after he has been taken out of his anesthesia and sedatives is of great concern. Despite the worrying development, the doctor maintains that Bianchi's condition is consistent with what is to be expected from a patient in Bianchi's situation who has suffered a severe diffuse axonal injury.

The statement on Bianchi's condition issued by his family also said that his vital signs are stable, but up to this point, he is still considered to be in critical condition. Meanwhile, Bianchi's team Marussia missed the last three races of the season due to financial issues and is not expected to continue for the 2015 Formula One season.