Multi award-winning actor Johnny Depp employed the cast of Velocity’s “Overhaulin” to prank his wife Amber Heard.

Depp tricked Heard that her beloved 1968 Ford Mustang had been stolen again, Entertainment Tonight (ET) reported. Heard’s car has been stolen two times before.

In a sneak peak of “Overhaulin’s” new episode, Heard was seen commanding a police officer who really was “Overhaulin’s” host Chris Jacobs, to “Get my car back!” Heard noticed that the police officer takes a picture of her and is not taking the case seriously.

Depp pretended that he doesn’t know what happened to the car and tapped Heard’s father, David to play along. Stressed actress said she couldn’t believe what happened when the cast revealed that she was getting Overhauled.

“I'm blown away! I'm speechless. I can't believe all of this,” she said.

Heard’s car was given a makeover by famed custom car designer Chip Foose. The actress’ heap of metal car turned into a cherry red stunner, ET added.

According to Heard, she bought her car “as a driveable piece of junk, a beautiful piece of junk.” The actress said the car cost her every dime she had. The 29-year-old actress told Newstalk in a 2014 interview that her 1968 Mustang is her “true love.”

“It’s my baby. My 1968 Mustang is my baby. That’s my true love that car. It will be with me until the end of time. It’s like a child. Where I go, it goes, I don’t care. I am being buried with it,” she said.

Heard is into collecting classic cars which she admitted to fix them herself. She owns a 1968 Mustang and a 1967 Mercedes 250SL.

The show’s host Jacobs revealed the backstory of the prank to ET and described working with Depp “cool.” Jacobs said Depp is a “down-to-Earth” person and “loves the creative process.”

“Overhaulin” is a reality show where a car or truck is taken into Chip Foose’s workshop and transformed into a custom show car for a surprised owner.

“Overhaulin’s” episode featuring Depp and Heard will air on Nov. 4.


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