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The "UP for Groups" is the newly developed system that combines movement, eating and sleep data from Jawbone's apps and wearable trackers. Businessweek reports that this service from Jawbone intends to help companies' improve the health campaign for their employees.

The fitness tracking company targets to be part of a regular workday as the system will help companies combat obesity by promoting healthy behaviour in the workplace. Apparently, Jawbone has already been going around different businesses informing them about the new application.

Jawbone also offers discounts on fitness trackers fo companies which will buy in bulk and will also get the "UP for Groups" subscription. Additionally, The Jawbone UP system is built on three behavior change framework such as track, understand and act. The company has developed the "UP for Groups" experience with the given principles. Employees who participate in the UP system are able to track their sleep and activity. There will be administrators or organizers that will monitor the different activities of the participating employees.

The system also features communications and challenges wherein administrators can send customised messages to the participant through the in-app feed. To illustrate, if the administrators see a certain lag in the participants activity like a noticeable decrease in the number steps taken by the participant, the administrator would then send a message to call the attention of the employee.

Meanwhile, Geek.com reports on some great deals on Jawbone fitness trackers especially to consumers who have Amazon Prime. Jawbone's UP 24 is now available for US$70 while the UP Move can be purchased at US$40 if buyer has Amazon Prime.

The UP 24 fitness tracker can count steps, sleep, and calories. The wearable is also water-resistant, light, and comfortable to wear. The device can sync with iPhones and Android phones via Bluetooth. The UP Move on the other hand, is the smaller version of the UP 24 which serves as a pedometer with a belt clip which lets users clip the device on their clothes. The UP Move is also Bluetooth 4.0 enabled and is packed with a battery that can last for six months.

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