The US media are perplexed on why Jarryd Hayne is not receiving any game time action from the San Francisco 49ers.

With a record of 4-10 and only two games remaining, the 49ers have no hopes of getting into the NFL playoffs, which gave fans the idea that San Francisco may be ready to give the “Hayne Plane” one more chance to take flight on the field. However, the 49ers do not seem to be giving Hayne any chances of being recalled into the team’s active roster, making the US media puzzled on the franchise’s decision.

Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News was confused by the 49ers decision to not field Hayne on the team’s remaining games that have no bearing in their now failed season. Kawakami noted that the 49ers have “no clue” on how to utilise Hayne’s NFL skills, insisting that the team’s coaching staff has never wanted the 27-year-old rookie in San Francisco.

“Whatever the reasoning for signing Hayne last offseason, it’s clear that Jim Tomsula’s staff, particularly special teams coach Thomas McGaughey, was not quite so cheery about Hayne’s prospects,” Kawakami shared. “Yep, Tomsula’s coaches presumably didn’t really want Hayne on the roster to start the season, still look at him as an oddity (note McGaughey’s “he needs to learn how to play football” comments just this week about Hayne).”

According to 49ers beat writer Cam Inman, there would be nothing at stake in promoting Hayne back to the active roster and giving him significant amount of touches, with the 49ers already doomed to miss the playoffs.

“The 49ers are so busy trying to fix other issues that they’ve ignored Hayne ‘The Player’ and dismissed him as Hayne ‘The Student’,” Inman wrote on Fox Sports. “Why not suit him up for the remaining three games – with nothing at stake – to develop him as a 2016 asset?”

Hayne was sacked into the 49ers’ practice squad last month after committing three muffed punts in six games. Ever since then, opportunities have opened up for Hayne when injuries strike the running back and punt return positions.

Kendall Gaskins, 49ers third running back option, suffered a concussion against the team’s loss to the lowly Cleveland Browns. However, the coaches have not indicated any Hayne comeback in the active roster.

These setbacks has opened the idea of Hayne going back to Australia to play for the National Rugby League, or join another NFL team once the season ends. But according to Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee, Hayne is still positive about getting back into the 49ers’ active squad this season.

Injuries have opened up opportunities for Hayne to wear his no. 38 jersey again, but there is no indications he will play this season, especially with only two games remaining in the 49ers’ 2015-2016 campaign.

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