Gina Rodriguez is Jane in The CW's 'Jane the Virgin'
Gina Rodriguez poses with her award for Best Actress in a TV Series, Musical or Comedy for her role in "Jane the Virgin" backstage at the 72nd Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills, California January 11, 2015. Reuters/Mike Blake

In this week's episode of "Jane The Virgin," Chapter 10 picks up where the previous episode left off; Jane and Rafael find out about Petra's hidden identity and threaten to expose her just so she would leave them alone. Meanwhile, Jane's grandmother Alba sees Petra's hostage when she tries to confront Petra in her room. Petra's mother pushes her down the stairs in an attempt to cover things up.

In Chapter 10, the hotel is in lockdown because of a hurricane. Rafael's stepmother Rose becomes suspicious after hearing her husband sounding sneaky while talking to someone on the phone. He was speaking about a lot of money and flying to his home in Croatia. She starts to think he is up to no good and after digging deeper, she tells Rafael that she suspects that his father might be the drug dealer known as "Sin Rostro."

Rafael and Michael have been butting heads for a while because Michael has been suspecting that Rafael is "Sin Rostro." Michael and his partner Nadine discover a secret passage leading to a hidden surgical room. The secret medically equipped room is connected to some of the hotel's recovery suites. They find out that secret plastic surgeries are being performed in the premises to alter faces of wanted criminals. Now, all they need to do is connect the hotel's owners to the illegal operation.

Meanwhile, Jane and Xiomara are told that there's no way of knowing if there's any permanent damage to Alba until she wakes up. When Jane goes back to the hotel, Xiomara learns that the hospital will deport Alba as soon as she wakes up because she's an illegal citizen. When Jane learns about this, she gets upset. She is forced to tell Michael about it because she got stuck in an elevator with him due to a power outage. Michael pulls some strings and tells the hospital that Alba is a witness to an investigation and can't be deported. Xiomara figures it out but agrees not to tell Jane about what Michael did.

Rafael has just been given his job back and his father wants him to lay off people to offset hotel losses. Everyone asks Jane to ask Rafael who will be fired. Jane desn't want to but eventually finds out that Frankie, one of her closest friends, is on the list. Jane tries to talk Rafael out of it but later apologises for being out of line.

Petra becomes desperate now that Rafael has learned her true identity. She agrees to sign the divorce papers if he will pay out the pre-nuptial agreement. Rafael refuses and brings up all her lies and says that he is married to Petra, the woman whose identity she stole. Defeated, Petra returns to her room to find that Ivan has escaped and is holding her mom hostage. They struggle and Ivan manages to flee, leaving Petra and her mother fearing for their lives again .All this and more in Chapter 11 of "Jane The Virgin," which airs next week.

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