Did Jada Pinkett Smith just announce her divorce in a music video? Will Smith’s wife has released a new video with her metal band Wicked Wisdom, and it looks like she is trying to convey an unfortunate message about her marriage.

Aside from being an actress, Jada is also a singer/songwriter. She launched her music career in 2002 when she created her band. And on Sunday, the band released a new song on YouTube, titled “Stuck.”

The music and video are looking good, according to initial fan reviews. And if the song is Jada’s way to impart a message, then she’s singing it loud and clear.

Amid rumours of inevitable separation and eventual divorce between her and Will, Jada has perhaps just confirmed the bad news through the band’s new song. In the song, Jada is seen looking poignant and alone as she stares at her wedding ring. She then lets it drop to the floor before walking away.

The lyrics of the song also include words that are expected from a betrayed lover.

“I remember when you kissed me, Said you’d always love me, Your words broke me and left me there, Staring at a shadow.

“Some nights I feel the way you touch me, Those nights I believe that you once loved me, Tonight I wish that you could hold me, And now it’s time to end this story.”

At the end of clip, Jada appears to have run away from an unknown man, emerging from a lake and wearing all white, as if she has just been reborn. A close-up shot on her engagement ring is also visible when she reappears from the lake.

“The idea being that when we concentrate on dealing with and cleaning up our own stuff... all things fall in place,” she tweeted about the song.

It’s unclear if she’s referring to her marriage with Will or to some other random things, but the song certainly isn’t helping clear up the rumours about them.

Will was seen getting too comfortable with his “Focus” co-star Margot Robbie in leaked photos taken in a photo booth in October. In the photos, the Australian actress is seen revealing her lacy bra as she lifts her top, while Will also exposes his bare chest behind her. Margot denied that she’s in a relationship with the married actor, claiming that they were just being silly in the photo booth.

Jada and Will were married in 1997. Jada has even called their marriage as “totally indestructible” at one time.