Jackie Chan Recalls Fight with Bruce Lee in 'Enter the Dragon'

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After a series of fake death reports about Jackie Chan surfaced once again all over the Internet , a video of the renowed Chinese actor and martial artist went viral last week on social media about his best story ever.

"The best story for me, I think, when I was young doing "Enter the Dragon" fighting with Bruce Lee," Chan, 59, shared on the Best Story Ever Segment of the Canadian television talk show "George Stroumboulopous Tonight".

The "Rush Hour" star was at the Toronto International Film Festival to introduce a screening of three of his greatest kung-fu classic films "Drunken Master", "Police Story" and "The Legend of Drunken Master".

His films are part of TIFF's retrospective on Chinese Films. The festival runs from June 5 to August 11.

Chan began his acting career doing bit roles and as a stunt man before becoming a big star in Hong Kong and making his way into the international scene, and finally Hollywood.

He delightfully recalled his experience working with Bruce Lee apologizing to him for receiving the martial arts legend's kicks and punches.

"I don't know why, I just pretend (it's) very painful," he said, but in reality was not hurt at all because he's one tough young guy.

His inner fanboy was revealed when he said, "I just want Bruce Lee to hold me."

"I think that's the best moment," he said with a big smile.

Watch the video below: