Aidmics, a startup company from Taiwan, has finally found a way to show what babies look like even before they were created. The Taiwanese company has invented a device which they called iSperm.

This device – which is believed to have already been sold to nearly 200 farmers from all over the globe, according to Reuters – is being used to analyze sperm counts of boars. That way, farmers get to maximize the success of their breeding programs.

iSperm functions by magnifying the semen samples that are placed into a tube. The tip of this tube is then dipped into the sample and is capped. A separate light source will illuminate the sample, a microscope will enlarge it, and all of the results will be captured by an iPad camera. Sadly, the device only works with iPad Minis.

Having its iSperm device used by many livestock farmers today, Aidmics reportedly has plans to ask for approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to expand its invention for human usage.

Once approved, iSperm’s logarithm can analyze men’s sperm count and motility – which refers to how well the swimmers move. The whole process will only take 17 seconds – 7 seconds for recording the video and 10 seconds for the analysis. Compared to other sperm measuring kits that can be purchased from drug stores and used at home, iSperm has proven to be a more easy-to-use unit.

As Aidmics boasts, “morphological assessment of sperm head and tail has never been this easy.”

iSperm will be sold at $100 to $200. With the things that it can do, it can be a very helpful tool for couples or newlyweds who are trying to get pregnant. This invention can immediately rule out any issues related to sperm or semen count that cause the difficulties in conceiving.

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