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The iPhone 8 is the most anticipated smartphone of the year. Apple’s tenth anniversary handset is expected to be a transcendent unit that will feature a record number of enhancements compared to previous models. Unfortunately, the California-based tech giant is still dealing with some serious problems about its upcoming phone’s software despite the handset’s projected September launch, according to a new report.

June was reportedly a hectic month for the iPhone developers at Apple. It supposedly got frenetic enough that there was a “sense of panic in the air” at the Mac maker’s camp. And the roadblock seems to be an assortment of software problems.

According to Fast Company, Apple has been pulling its hair out trying to find solutions and get around the collective hurdle. If the problems persist, they may cause the production and distribution delays. Worse, the upcoming flagship may ship with its enhanced features restricted.

Apple’s tenth anniversary handset is projected to start selling between US$1,000 to US$1,200 (AU$1,310 to AU$1,570). Fans expect the smartphone to be packed with features never before seen in previous models as the company celebrates its decade-long domination of the mobile phone industry. But apparently, Apple is having trouble implementing the latest enhancements into the unit.

One feature that the upcoming iPhone is expected to have that wasn’t on earlier models is wireless charging. Apple is reportedly set on utilising Qi wireless charging tech – or something like it – on its upcoming handset. But even though the hardware modules needed for the feature to work are good to go, the software reportedly isn’t up to par yet.

Here’s hoping that Apple makes it through and resolves the software issues ahead of the likely September launch. If things aren’t ironed out in time, the company may release the first batch of handsets with inactive wireless charging hardware and just activate the feature on a future update. After all, this won’t the first time Apple launches dormant hardware. iPhone 7 Plus users should remember that the Portrait Mode was only enabled at a later time, but the components of the feature were already inside the phone when it shipped.

Apple is also apparently having trouble with the contemporary 3D sensor. The Mac maker is reportedly working on an enhanced security measure that will permit users to unlock their iPhone 8 devices and use Apple Pay via facial recognition, but it remains to be seen if the tech titan can finish things off before the phone’s September unveiling.


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