iPhone 6 may be released sometime in June, according to an analyst.

Susquehanna International Group Analyst Chris Caso claimed the next iPhone release date may jump back to its original release date in June. He said the iPhone 6 will be out by the middle of 2014, which may be three months earlier than the launch of iPhone 5S.

iPhone's launch originally takes place in June while iPhone 4S was released in September. It will not be unusual if Apple jumped back to its previous timeline. Previous reports claimed iPhone 6 will arrive early next year, most probably in March to battle Samsung's next flagship phone. However, Apple provided no hint on the arrival of the next iPhone.

Caso also predicted that iPhone 6 may be more expensive than the current iPhone 5S. The company may start increasing the prices of its devices next year instead of lowering it as it will put new technologies to be further ahead in the market. The analyst said the increase in price is due to the bigger screen display that will be packed in the iPhone 6. Thus, iPhone 6 price may start from more than $199.

He added increasing the price of the devices will protect Apple's gross margins, which will plummet due to the increase in material costs used in the gadgets. Caso believed that Apple will continue to develop devices at a lower price margins like the iPhone 5C and iPad Mini.

Rumors claimed aside from a larger screen, iPhone 6 will have a sturdier display with the aid of Sapphire glass, which was used to cover iPhone 5S' TouchID fingerprint sensor. The Sapphire glass is claimed to be twice stronger than Gorilla glass by Corning used in most Android smartphones. Also, iPhone 6 may come with wireless charging feature just like the Google Nexus 5 but with the use of solar panels.

The next iPhone may include a better iSight Pro camera. iPhone 6 may also retain some of iPhone 5S features such as 64-bit A7 processor, M7 graphics chip and fingerprint sensor.