Apple iPad Pro
The new iPad Pro is seen on display during an event at the Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California March 21, 2016. Reuters/Stephen Lam

Apple made a previous jab that the iPad Pro can, at some point, replace traditional laptops; however, there are plenty of questions to address. Most of these involve the software of the Apple tablet. The App Store, though, is somehow filled with alternative solutions ranging from word processors to photo editors.

The main issue is that the iPad Pro runs on iOS. Apple also has the macOS, which the MacBook Pro uses. But as most of consumers know, iOS 11 is the next big mobile operating system looming over the horizon. It is in the beta stages, but the features could make a difference.

Andy Robertson from Forbes shared a personal experience, citing how his children have been patronizing the iPad for quite some time now. Paired with an external smart keyboard, the previous intent was to aid in typing and added navigation for the iPad Pro.

"The iPad's turned into a MacBook, Dad," shares Robertson after installing iOS 11. He eventually christened it as the “MacPad” after his son introduced him the new features of the next major iOS update. Among the first things singled out was the dock and how a user could switch between applications and keep track of favourites easily at the bottom of the screen. Overall, it seems that the iOS 11 may carry more than bug fixes. It may have features that may evidently bring it closer to being a laptop killer.

For those who don’t have an external keyboard, iOS 11 seems to have that covered as well. The next Apple OS offers a neat keyboard swipe feature. For instance, gesturing down on a letter will return numbers or symbols.

Users of photo editors can expect some perks, too, with the Live Photos feature. A new feature involves transforming Live Photos to Long Exposure pictures, adding more options for people who want to get creative with photos and videos.

There are plenty more expected from iOS 11, but so far, the iPad Pro is looming as a beneficiary. Other mobile devices (i.e. iPhone) will get new features as well, making the next Apple mobile OS something to look forward to. Though there is no saying when it will officially roll out, most users feel it may come out alongside the iPhone 8. If all goes accordingly, that could be in September. Should there be delays, it may even come out before the next Apple flagship.