Infinite Flier ‘Hyperburner’ Announced

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Ever since “Temple Run” came out, there have been many variations of the infinite runner genre. Some games had the characters on skateboards, and other titles added licenced characters like Bug Bunny or Spider-Man. Now game developer Bad Potion has decided to add spaceships and a variety of space debris to watch out for in the company’s latest game, “Hyperburner.”

As stated by a report from Touch Arcade, players will be manning the controls of a ship as it makes its way through various obstacles in hopes of surviving the experience. The ship will go through different landscapes, all of which are detailed and gorgeous to look at, as can be seen from the trailer below.

While the game is a self-proclaimed “infinite flier,” that’s not how “Hyperburner” will start out. Players must unlock endless modes for the game’s six unique zones in the game, which will require him or her to complete all three levels in each zone, leading to 18 levels and six zones.

Interestingly enough, the game won’t be supporting a typical swipe system like in most infinite runners. Instead, the game will incorporate a touch-drag system and will be similar to games that have virtual joysticks, though there won’t be a visible joystick on the screen as that could distract the player from properly traversing through the environments.

The game also supports both portrait and landscape mode, so players who are picky with how their game is played in their mobile device need not worry. This feature could be considered a welcome one as not too many mobile games support this feature and usually restrict the player to a certain point of view.

No release date for “Hyperburner” has been announced, nor have there been details if the game will be a premium app or a free-to-play title. Mobile gamers who are curious about the upcoming infinite flier game can follow game developer Bad Potion on Twitter for more updates on the title and can listen to the music of the game in the company’s Sound Cloud.

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Hyperburner Trailer (Credit: YouTube/Bad Potion)