It was 50 years ago when Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr first delivered the "I Have A Dream" Speech right at the Lincoln Memorial. For numerous occasions, it has inspired a lot of other speeches, making it one of the popular orations of all time. And now, it is US President Obama who paid tribute to its history maker before thousands of people to serve as audience and listen to it once again.

The version of the march this year only had an estimated crowd of 20,000 plus, failing to reach its goal of about a 100,000. The original march crowd way back in the 60s reached about 250,000 to about a million attendants.

However, to make things more interesting for the tribute, here are the top 5 trivial things to learn about the making of the famous 'I Have A Dream' speech:

  1. Did you know that Martin Luther King Jr did not entirely author speech? In the first version of the speech, his personal advisers Clarence Jones together with Stanley Levison contributed to its writing. In the final version, unnamed few shared their inputs that would make one of history's unforgettable remarks.
  2. King was awake up until four in the morning before the actual speech was done.
  3. The first draft was originally titled as "Normalcy - Never Again."
  4. There were a lot in the audience that day who did not wait anymore for the King to do the speech since he was the last speaker for that day.
  5. King only uttered much about the 'dream' part of the speech when a friend by the name of Mahalia Jackson shouted to him: "Tell 'em about the dream, Martin.

Check out the slideshow to relive history in the making!