Chang Chia-Lin, President of Global Sales of HTC speaks holding a new smartphone "U Ultra" during its launch event in Taipei, Taiwan January 12, 2017. Reuters/Tyrone Siu

Latest reports suggest that the HTC U11, the smartphone that can be squeezed, is surprisingly cheap in Australia. It is a big competitor to the likes of LG, Samsung and Apple’s latest handsets. The HTC smartphone is looking to break competition by offering itself for a really affordable price.

In Australia, the HTC U11 is retailing at a price of $999, which is a full $270 cheaper than the equivalent Apple iPhone 7 Plus and $200 cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy S8. This price tag is unbelievable considering the top specs of the high-end phone. The U11 looks great in photos and also on the spec sheet. The affordable price tag makes it all the more exciting, writes Gizmodo Australia. The smartphone is a surprise package with a quality camera and the squeeze feature.

Many believe that the U11 comes with world’s best smartphone camera. Moreover, the design is both attractive and exotic. It has a glass back that gleams in various colours as one moves the handset. The Solar Red option, releasing later this year, will turn golden red from sunset red. The user can wake the phone through his/her voice, and it comes with the built-in Amazon Alexa voice assistant. HTC surely has a lot riding on this phone. When the user squeezes the phone’s sides, the camera launches, as the pressure sensors underneath the glass edge register the touch.

If the user squeezes again, the phone takes a photo. This squeeze feature has a lot of advantages, such as during cold weather when the user must use the phone wearing gloves. It will also be useful underwater as the smartphone is water-resistant. The squeeze feature will also be helpful underwater. There is a slight deliberate lag between squeeze and shoot. It’s because the squeeze action moves the phone, which then needs to settle to get the best shot.

The HTC U11 camera looks tremendous. DxOMark, the independent camera rating organisation, has given the phone the highest score ever for a smartphone, reports the Independent. It has been reported that the handset will receive three major Android updates over the course of its product lifecycle. This has been stated by President of Smartphones and Connected Devices at HTC, Chailin Chang. Thus, the handset will receive support from the company for more than two years.

Chang confirmed that the HTC U11 smartphone will receive software packages that would contain the next two Android versions, Android O and its successor that Google will introduce in the year 2018.