How I Met Your Mother Season 8 will come back in a week's time. There are two big things to look forward to next season: Barney Stinson's wedding and Ted Mosby's break-up with Victoria. Here is a wish list for the hit comedy's story arcs.

5. Creative parenting tales. The Eriksens, Lily and Marshall, will focus a lot of their time with their baby. May their baby stories be cute, sweet, and most important - fresh. These characters will be easily overshadowed by next season's love stories (and break ups). May they have hilarious lines and sub-plots each episode to make good use of the new chapter in their lives.

4. Less Quinn. It would be convincing if Barney and Quinn would end their romance early on into the season. If it took longer, Barney would be wasting his time. But he never wastes his time, that bro!

3. A church wedding for Barney. Spoilers indicate Barney would make an attempt at fleeing his wedding. Robin Scherbatsky is the type who would be cool with a "city hall wedding," but a march down the aisle for her would be a great thing to see. Show runners Carter Bays and Craig Thomas have already assured fans there will be a wedding. However, the spoilers seem to be hinting it might not happen the traditional way.

2. Friendship with Victoria. In a recent interview, Josh Radnor (Ted) said Ashley Williams (Victoria) has been on "each and every episode" the producers have filmed, so far. Now this is good, only if these two could somehow build some kind of friendship instead of romance.

Victoria is the best ex Ted has ever had on the series, but it has been established that she is not the 'mother.' There is no need to have another Jennifer Morrison in the show. Ted should have an ex he is friends with - other than Robin. (She was in the series for a while, but fans knew their relationship was doomed. When they broke up, she was gone from his life like nothing happened. No need to repeat that with Williams.)

1. A truly ready Barney for Robin. These two have struggled with their feelings for so long. Robin deserves a truly ready Barney. As to how he would give his all and still keep the comedy intact, that is up to the trustworthy show runners.

At this point, neither the producers nor the show runners have announced whether there will be a ninth season. Fans know Season 8 could be the last season, so the expectations are pretty high.

Do you think it is time for Ted to meet the 'mother' next season?