Trader Kevin Lodewick works on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange
Trader Kevin Lodewick works on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, which has been decorated with Christmas lights, in New York December 22, 2014 Reuters/Carlo Allegri

During the holiday season, people need to make various decisions so they also need to deal with holiday burnout. It is important that you learn how to budget your time, money and effort wisely to enjoy the rest of the holidays and prevent stress.

1. Prioritise reported that people should learn how to prioritise because they will be pressed with time during the holiday season. You have to learn how to say no to some invitations and create a list of the things you wish to accomplish and events you need to participate in according to importance. Family generally comes first, followed by friends and colleagues.

2. Delegate

Spread the load among different members of the family as well as other friends who are willing to help. You can deal with holiday burnout better by assigning tasks to people based on their personal preference and skills. For example, you can assign the cooking to one member, gift wrapping to another and decorating to another. This way, you get to complete more without getting stressed.

3. Manage your expectations reported that if things do not turn out the way you exactly planned, do not get depressed. Expect some errors and delays along the way. Focus more on the essence of the occasion and spending time with loved ones instead of stressing out on the technicalities.

4. Rest

Make sure you get enough food and sleep throughout the holidays. Many people get sick or tired because they do not reward themselves properly. Take some time to relax and unwind after each task or event to prepare yourself for the next project.

5. Use the internet

Do a variety of things over the internet to save time and effort. You may purchase gifts, make reservations as well as send out invitations to people through social media and other convenient websites. Online activities will help you deal with holiday burnout better and prevent physical exhaustion.

Commit only to the most important activities and events to deal with holiday burnout well. You will realize how much better you can enjoy the season if you learn how to plan and prioritise.