How To Activate WhatsApp Voice Calling On Android And Windows Phone, And How To Stay Away From WhatsApp Voice Calling Scam

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WhatsApp, the highly famous instant messaging app with more than 700 million active users each month, now brings a major update of voice calling support for its users. Users can now use WhatsApp to make free calls.

Activating WhatsApp Voice Calling For Android Users

According to Android Pit, In order to activate the voice calling feature on WhatsApp, users are required to download the latest version of the app with version number 2.12.7 from WhatsApp’s website. On Google Play Store, the WhatsApp edition with version number 2.11.561 supports voice calling.

Once the most recent WhatsApp version is installed on the Android device, a user needs to ask a WhatsApp contact to make a WhatsApp call on his number. It is only when the call is received, the feature will get activated. However, after the receiving the call, users are required to wait for some seconds before ending call.

Some users have found that the WhatsApp voice calling feature is not enabled by giving a missed call. Hence, as suggested before, a WhatsApp call has to be received to activate the said feature. Once it gets activated, the app will display three tabs like Calls, Chats and Contacts.

WhatsApp For Windows Phone

Android users are able to take advantage of WhatsApp voice calling. Then, what about Windows Phone users? It has not arrived for Windows Phone users yet, but the feature is expected to soon arrive reveals WM Power User. However, the arrival of WhatsApp voice calling feature for Windows Phone has not been officially proclaimed by WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Voice Calling Scam

Android Pit’s another post says that a WhatsApp voice calling scam spreading on the famous messaging app. Even though the scam seems to be harmless, it does not activate the voice calling feature.

The scam involves receiving a WhatsApp message that invites users to attempt WhatsApp calls. However, it prompts users to visit a link to bypass advertisement and the share the same link with 10 contracts on WhatsApp. Even after inviting 10 users, the feature does not enable WhatsApp voice calling feature.

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