‘Horizon: Zero Dawn’ gets spotlight at Tokyo Game Show 2015

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The developer of “Killzone” is following up its well-received title with what appears to be another awesome title. First revealed at E3 this year, “Horizon: Zero Dawn” recently had some gameplay footage posted online, which showcased the vast and beautiful open world of the upcoming RPG title.

The leaked gameplay video seen below was shot when Guerilla Games and their representatives took the stage at the Tokyo Game Show.  The video was recorded from a live stream channel so the video quality is a little poor but players can still see how the game plays overall. It showcased Aloy, the game’s female main protagonist, as she travels a massive and highly-detailed landscape brimming with plant life and beasts.

Aloy’s main weapon in the gameplay is a simple bow and arrow, which is an odd weapon of choice for a game that features huge mechanical beasts. But it seems the use of primitive weapons is part of the core gameplay as players will need to carefully plan battles against the mechanical enemies.

The video showcased some other aspects in the gameplay like sneaking around bushes to hunt down a small creatures called Grazers. Later on, Aloy encounters a large mechanical beast called a Thunderjaw. Also seen in the footage is the physics of the game which shows a huge boulder breaking down in real time just as Thunderjaw smashes through it.

But perhaps one of the best parts in the game is the open world aspect. The game is set in a huge primitive world in which players can explore forests, mountains and the ruins of a more advanced yet extinct civilization. 

“Horizon: Zero Dawn” was presumably one of the biggest reveals for Sony in E3 this year, said Sony Worldwide boss Shuhei Yoshida in an interview with Polygon. An aspect of what makes the game one of the biggest from Sony at E3 is that Guerilla Games made a risky move of making the main protagonist a young woman. The game also boasts a fully scalable and highly-detailed environment, which pushes the PlayStation 4’s hardware to the limit.

Sadly, one component that gamers may sorely miss is the lack of multiplayer in the game. Guerilla Games previously confirmed with GamesRadar that single-player is the game's main focus. However, the developer is quick to add that players will enjoy some social components as well.

The game has no exact release date as of now. However, Guerilla Games announced that it will hit shelves sometime next year.

Credit: Youtube/Giuseppe Nelva

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