Claire Danes from the Showtime series "Homeland" arrives at the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles, California August 25, 2014.
Claire Danes from the Showtime series "Homeland" arrives at the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles, California August 25, 2014. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson

"Homeland" wrapped up its Season 4 with an explosive finale "Long Time Coming" leaving fans wanting for more. Fans must note that the show has been renewed for Season 5 and will be returning in the year 2015. However, it will not be premiering soon. Read on to find out the details.

This article contains spoilers from "Homeland" Season 4 Finale/ Episode 12 "Long Time Coming." Read at your own risk.

On Dec 21, 2014 Showtime aired "Homeland" Season 4 finale. The episode saw the return of Carrie and Saul to the U.S. Fans were also introduced to a new character, Carrie's mother Ellen Mathison (Victoria Clark). She makes a return to Carrie's life after 15 years. Carrie pays tribute to her father during his funeral ceremony. She finally reunites with Quinn and the two end up sharing an intimate moment before Carrie withdraws. The episode also saw the return of Dar Adal.

Ellen reveals that Carrie has a brother and many other shocking details about her relationship with Carrie's father. The "Homeland" Season 4 finale spent a lot of doing the groundwork for Season 5. During her visit to Dar Adal's house, Carrie finds out that Quinn has agreed to undertake a dangerous mission in Syria.

Noting that mostly all the major characters came out alive from Islamabad, Cartermatt speculates that fans can expect to see them return in Season 5. Meanwhile, it was revealed that Quinn is on a "dark mission" in Syria. "The theme of the early part of this season could just be where all of these pieces fit on the chessboard," reads the report.

Furthermore, Saul is looking at the opportunities within CIA especially succeeding Lockhart as the director. Also, a controversial video of Saul and Haqqani exists that compels Saul to do the unthinkable. "Homeland" Season 4 has ended with large number of cliffhangers that can be expected to be dealt with in Season 5 or considered to be the substructure of the next instalment. Also, fans are eager to know how things proceed for Carrie and Quinn, considering what transpired between them on the night of Carrie's father's funeral.

Furthermore, it is speculated that the return of Carrie's mother may have an impact on her relationship with her daughter. Meanwhile, it is reported that filming of "Homeland" Season 5 will not "begin until May."

As for the exact airdate of the next instalment, it is yet to be revealed. However, Bustle notes that "Homeland" Season 5 will air sometime by late September or early October in 2015 and it is expected to feature 12 episodes. Fans must note no concrete details have been disclosed by the associated persons.

In early November, Showtime president David Nevins announced the renewal of the series for Season 5 in a statement released by the network. Considering the success of "Homeland" Season 4, Nevins said (via Daily Mail): "In its fourth season, Homeland has brilliantly reinvented itself. It continues to capture the attention of a devoted fan base, and has provided an enviable platform for the successful launch of The Affair."