Garnes Esports
Garnes Seconday School puts e-sports and gaming on the timetable Garnes Secondary School

Garnes High School in Bergen, Norway is ready to offer a five-hour-a-week course in eSports. With this new course, the school will assess the students on the basis of their communication skills, tactical acumen game knowledge and playing ability. Garnes High School is including the three-year course in the elective curriculum beginning the new session in August.

Many people will remember the days when they tried to play video games in their classroom. But according to a report by Arstechnica (via Garnes Vidaregåande Skule), the high school students won’t have to play games secretly as the school is introducing eSports with its curriculum. The course will specialise in two online multiplayer games. The school conducted a confidential poll to decide on the games, and the most favourite games chosen by the students include “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive,” “Dota 2,” “League of Legends” and “Starcraft II.”

The course will not be limited to just playing online games. The students of Garner Public School will also dedicate their 90 minutes for physical training of reflexes and learning about lifestyle and nutrition. The school will enroll 30 students in the eSports class and the students will be divided into two groups. Each group will have 15 students. One group will play games and at that time the other group will exercise.

“The important part for us is to track how the student develops throughout the course. We’re making new ground here and much of the course curriculum will be developed in the coming months,” said Grahl Johnstad who oversees the science department at Garner Public School, RT quoted.

Australia and Sweden have already been offering eSports as an elective subject, according to a report by Inquirer. In June 2014, Chicago private college Robert Morris University also started offering tiered scholarships for gamers. The college offered scholarship for League of Legends, a popular Multiplayer Online Battle Arena.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Trailer (Credit: YouTube/Valve)