Hellblade Promo
A promo screenshot of "Hellblade." Official Hellbalde website

“Hellblade” is one of the more interesting games coming out this year, developed by the same team that worked on “DMC: Devil May Cry,” as it deals with mental trauma and action. While some fans feared that the game would be delayed, the developers in Ninja Theory have confirmed that the game would be coming out this year, and would be simultaneously released on PS4 and PC.

An article from GameSpot confirmed the news, pointing out that Tweets from the developer confirmed that the game would be released this year. Of course, no definitive release date or timeframe was given, so fans will have to wait for an official announcement.

Still, considering the numerous delays that many video games have faced in recent months, it is nice for gamers to hear that a highly anticipated game won’t be delayed for another year. Other games like “Uncharted 4” have been delayed recently, which is what makes the reminder from Ninja Theory a noteworthy one.

While very few details have been given about Hellblade, aside from the fact that it deals with mental issues and is developed by Ninja Theory, the few gameplay videos shown have gotten gamers excited. The game uses an over-the-shoulder camera angle, which is normally used by third-person shooters like “Gears of War,” and the visual craziness adds a lot of intrigue.

That being said, the game is being developed by Ninja Theory, so fans can expect a lot of action in this title, as noted by WCCFTech. As mentioned earlier, the team has worked on a number of action-packed titles in the past, but this is the company’s first time publishing the game without support from another company.

Ninja Theory promised that “Hellblade” would be an AAA game, which is quite the claim in this generation. Fans can only hope that the game lives up to the company’s promise. Considering what has been in the company’s resume thus far, fans of their action games can at least appreciate some of the new steps that the game will be making, along with the concept and ideas seen in “Hellblade.”

Hellblade - Gameplay Trailer | PS4 (Credit: YouTube/PlayStation)