'Hell on Wheels'
Actor Anson Mount takes part in a panel discussion about his new AMC Cable Channel series 'Hell On Wheels' about the construction of the trans-continental railroad in the United States, during the 2011 Summer Television Critics Association Cable Press Tour in Beverly Hills, California Reuters/Fred Prouser

A scene from episode 8 of “Hell on Wheels” Season 5 has surfaced online. The scene shows two unlikely characters sharing supper. This will be the concluding season of the TV series, in which the first Transcontinental Railroad will be completed.

[Spoiler alert]

A scene from the next episode of the show posted on Crave Online shows that The Swede (Christopher Heyerdahl) will be Cullen Bohannan’s (Anson Mount) prisoner. From the conversation it appears that the villain tried to attack Cullen’s family and failed.

Cullen is wounded while protecting his family, and instead of killing The Swede he takes him as his prisoner. Cullen wants to take him to be hanged, as he feels that a quick death would bring peace to The Swede.

The Swede and Cullen share a meal together and the former remarks that Cullen should be with his family. The villain finds it curious that Cullen would rather be with him than with his family. He also believes that Bohannan is afraid of killing him for some reason.

Cullen has been searching for his family for most part of “Hell on Wheels” Season 5, apart from overseeing the completion of the first Transcontinental Railroad. The Swede is not expected to die so quickly in episode 8 and it wouldn’t be surprising if he finds a way to get away from danger once again.

In a previous interview, Executive Producer John Wirth had teased that there would be an “in-your-face” confrontation between Cullen and The Swede in the final chapter of the TV series. He had remarked that both these characters are very important for the show, and for that reason they are very hard to kill.

“Hell on Wheels” Season 5 episode 8 is set to air on June 11. The episode is titled “Two Soldiers.”