A 33-year-old man along with another victim gave evidence that former headmaster at Brisbane’s St. Paul’s School called them liars when they complained about paedophile councillor Kevin John Lynch of molesting them. On Wednesday, the 33-year-old gave accounts of his disturbing five-hour-long counselling session with Lynch in 1996 to the child abuse royal commission.

The 33-year-old, known as BRC, explained how Lynch had administered a drug on him by spraying it into his mouth that paralysed him. The councillor even used a hypodermic needle to give injections which he was told would make him feel better.

"Although unable to raise my voice or move, I kept on saying 'don't,'" he said. The man said he had learnt from Lynch that he did the same things with others, including another boy named BSB. While molesting the boy, a light classical music played in the background with a female voice describing different body parts.

BRC flew in from the United States to provide evidence against Lynch. Scores of other students also suffered the same torturous experience at the hands of Lynch at the Brisbane Grammar School in the 80s and St. Paul’s School in the 90s. And all of them testified to the hypnotic capability of the tape.

BRC and BSB complained about their heinous experience at Lynch’s office to headmaster Gilbert Case only to be called liars. Case even allegedly warned them that they would be “heavily penalised” if they do not stop lying.

BRC said he didn’t tell his parents about the incident and suffered nightmares the whole summer of 1996. In 1997, Lynch committed suicide after he was charged with sexual offences against another student.

Last week, former deputy headmaster at Brisbane Grammar School, David Coote, 78, admitted he was good friends with Lynch and he came to know about the abuses at his funeral in 1997.

"What good is an apology? It happened," the ABC quoted him as saying when asked whether he should apologise for the incidents that happened when he held a senior position at the school. "It was disastrous for the boys concerned. Not good for the school.”

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