Singer with the band One Direction Harry Styles attends the British Fashion Awards in London
IN PHOTO: Singer with the band One Direction Harry Styles attends the British Fashion Awards in London December 2, 2013. Reuters/Neil Hall

A lot of A-list celebrities attended Harry Styles' birthday party on Feb. 01. There were cupcakes to satisfy birthday sweet cravings and Karaoke singing for entertainment of the guests. The actor celebrated his 21st birthday one day earlier, on Jan. 31, in Los Angeles. Victoria's Secret model Cara Delevingne and Harry's ex-girlfriend Kendall Jenner was also present at his gala party alongside Harry's current rumoured girlfriend Nadine Leopold.

Various A-listers present at the “Steal My Girl” singer's birthday bash were Coldplay frontman Chris Martin and his girlfriend actress Jennifer Lawrence, “Rolling in the Deep” songstress Adele and former British footballer David Beckham. Harry also invited James Corden and his wife Julia, Rita Ora, Kelly Osbourne, Cindy Crawford, Kimberly Stewart, Zach Braff and Alexa Chung to his birthday bash, among many others, writes Contact Music.

The birthday boy reportedly spent his entire time with Nadine on his birthday party and the couple were also teased for it, writers The Sun (via Contact Music). The newspaper added that the curly-haired singer “can't stand being apart” from his Victoria's Secret model girlfriend Nadine. The newspaper quoted an unknown source as saying that their relationship is a “real deal” for Harry and the singer has not denied it either.

“He's never felt this way about anyone before,” the source is quoted as saying by The Sun adding that Harry spent all his free time with Nadine in Los Angeles. They couple is “infatuated” with each other and reportedly “can't stand” being apart from each other, said the source. Neither Harry or Nadine have confirmed or denied their link-up rumours.

Harry's bandmates Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan were in Australia while Zayn Malik was “no-where to be seen,” says the website. According to People magazine, the British singer had four birthday cakes from “Sweet Lady Jane,” one of the famous bakeries in Los Angeles. No pictures were allowed to be taken at his star-studded birthday bash. The magazine quoted a source as saying that the singer “FaceTimed” his mom as he cut is birthday cake and blew off his candles. (Face Time is a source of video telephony only for Apple users.) Harry was “sweet” to all his guests, says the magazine.

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