'Hand of God' season 2 spoilers
A poster of the Amazon web television series, "Hand of God." Facebook/Hand of God

Amazon’s “Hand of God” brings back Ron Perlman (Pernell Harris) and Dana Delany (Crystal Harris) for yet another exciting season. The two will be seen contemplating their son PJ’s (Johnny Ferro) murder in the days to follow. Crystal will delve deeper into PJ and Anne’s (Elaine Tan) affair, and in the process, brush shoulders with more revelations.

In the first season of the series, PJ’s life support has been taken off. Crystal Harris murders Anne, the woman whom Crystal believed was responsible for PJ’s death. However, Crystal soon realises that there is in fact a backstory. PJ and Anne’s affairs was only the crust. She then sets out to dig deeper into the facts, which will form the base of “Hand of God” season 2.

“I think now that Crystal is involved, it’s more finding out what the back story is with her son PJ,” Delany told Parade in an exclusive interview. “Her whole motivation for the rest of the season is: If I have gone to such a dark place, then I have to justify it some way by finding out what was behind the death of my son, why he was killed, and try to unravel the plot against him.”

She further admitted that Anne Wu was just a front in Crystal’s son’s death. “There was a whole machine behind her,” Delany added.

Ron Perlman’s character was seen getting messages from God in the previous season of “Hand of God.” The oddity continues in season 2. It has been alleged Pernell’s conversation with God is what made Crystal commit the murder.

“She’s now complicit in the whole thing,” Delany said during the interview. “She has been drawn into Pernell’s madness and, I think, she’s trying to decide whether she needs to remove herself completely, but also deal with the fact that she killed somebody.”

However, Crystal is now separated from him and has moved to Stockton. Will she return to her husband to investigate the murder of her son? The answer lies in the upcoming season, which begins to air Friday on Amazon Instant.

“Hand of God” follows the story of Pernell Harris, a corrupt judge who suffers a breakdown and believes God is compelling him onto a path of vigilante justice. His wife, Crystal Harris, commits a murder to avenge her son’s death. According to reports, “Hand of God” season 2 marks the end of the series.